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Collaborative Impact Analysis

Assess the state of collaboration in your organization

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The Collaborative Impact Analysis is designed to help organizations assess their current state of collaboration.

2/3 of employees believe their organization will not change the way it collaborates, but believe it needs to. Many organizations do not know what is their current state and where the gaps in collaboration and engagement may lie.

We designed the Collaboration Maturity Analysis for you and your team to assess the current state, identify the possible gaps, and build a mutual understanding of how your organization can improve its state of collaboration.

What the journey will look like:

Invite your team to start a dialogue in Howspace
The Howspace AI gathers insights from the discussion
Explore the insights and results with the Howspace team
Identify development areas and build an action plan

Important Drivers for Collaborative Impact

With the analysis, Howspace invites you on a journey to assess your way of working and collaborating from 5 different perspectives.

1 in 3 state their company purpose is clear

Organizations that have shared values and a defining purpose have the most engaged workforce. But purpose only goes so far—workers increasingly want to see how their role and participation contributes to a bigger impact.

1 in 3 state their company purpose is clear but the impact is not.

Human Centricity

Workers want to contribute to impact and desire a greater voice at work, but they are losing faith in leadership to adopt a human-centric working model and don’t feel their voice is considered.

60% of employees believe the model of leadership will remain the same or become less human centric.

Collaborative Working Practices

Collaboration is the biggest untapped resource. In times of uncertainty, leadership often focuses on structural changes that maintain control and status quo rather than investing in changes to enhance collaboration for workers to have freedom to work in modern new ways.

Only 1 in 5 state that their organisation
has reviewed its structure to create more collaboration.

Learning & Development
Only 25 of employees strongly agree

Collaboration is clearly the key to future resilience and organizational adaptability. Equipping the workforce with enhanced skills for collaboration is a tremendous opportunity for learning and development.

Only 25% of employees strongly agree that they are learning enough to progress at their jobs

58 of Workers

Technology must equip collaborative work to bring more people to the table and enable them to contribute in ways that work for them while AI will identify key topics to support enhanced collaboration. This will lead to a more inclusive, agile, and informed working environment.

58% of workers haven’t had new technology rolled out to help with collaboration

1 in 3 state their company purpose is clear become-less-human-centric_horizontal collaboration Only 25 of employees strongly agree 58 of Workers

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