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Collaborative Impact:
unlocking and leveraging collective brainpower

The workforce is spending 85% of its time on collaboration, yet employee engagement remains dismally low — at 20% globally. It’s time for collaboration to be modernized in conjunction with digital tools to engage and make the most of everyone’s contribution.

Collaborative Impact is the MAGIC that happens when people meaningfully come together around a shared purpose to learn and collaborate–ultimately unlocking the group’s potential at scale and leading to tangible impact.

A scalable platform for Collaborative Impact

works for everyone, everywhere, anytime

Collaborative Impact is needed more than ever. Our platform empowers organizations to foster culture and reshape how work happens.


1. Inclusivity

Howspace ensures purpose and inclusivity can be experienced in daily work. Our platform provides the customizable tools and technology for meaningful, wide-scale collaboration that uniquely works for each individual.

2. Learning

Howspace embeds learning as a priority for organizations that seek to equip their people with the skills to work in increasingly fluid, democratized spaces.

3. Transparency

Howspace empowers leaders to be participative and stay focused on serving employees. Decision- and sense-making is informed by transparent collaboration that is accessible and open to everyone.

4. Human-centricity

Howspace brings human centricity to business and systems transformation by helping organizations embrace a learn and adapt ethos.

5. Powered by AI

Howspace’s AI makes sense- and decision-making richer. Our AI is semantic, contextual and multilingual, easily avoids bias and objectively analyses large amounts of qualitative data.


Powering collaborative impact

Bring people together to collaborate and learn. All in one platform.


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