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Introducing the all-in-one platform for driving change.

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Make change social

Keeping everyone engaged during an organizational change or transformation process can be difficult. And while workshops, emails, and shared documents are great, they offer limited opportunities for interaction. But to meet the lofty goals of your change program, you’ll need a platform that brings people together to share their ideas, offer feedback, and collaborate on tasks. And that’s where Howspace can help.

Facilitate and support

Change can’t really be managed, but it can — and should — be facilitated. By bringing everyone and everything together in one place, Howspace provides you with a helicopter view of the whole process. It allows you to track the activity of each participant in real time and offer them the support they need to move forward. By helping everyone play their own part in the change initiative, you’ll deliver real impact on schedule and on budget.

Spend more time on what matters

Treat Howspace as a living document and skip the tedious and time-consuming documentation process altogether. By encouraging people to capture their own thoughts in text and through images and videos, you’ll save hours of manual work while empowering the participants to document their progress and debrief each other.

Why Howspace?

  1. Intuitive and easy to use
    One click is all it takes for your participants to start using Howspace. No sign in or training required.
  2. Flexible to your process
    Never let a tool dictate the way you work. Howspace allows you to build workspaces that support your process, not vice versa.
  3. 5x engagement
    On average, our customers have seen a 5X improvement in their engagement rates after starting to use Howspace.


“Previously, we used individual applications, such as file management, project management or messaging software. Howspace caught our attention because it combines all of these; it’s very easy for users to learn.”

Mari Hjelt, Managing Director

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