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The change management platform for inclusive change

Run brainstorming sessions, build consensus, and make decisions with large groups of people on Howspace—the digital collaboration platform for human-centric change. 


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Get everyone involved in moving change forward

Guided collaboration is crucial for change

Many change programs fail because they are managed top-down and lack employee engagement. By taking a people-centered approach, the rate of lasting success jumps up to 58%, compared to just 34% for top-down changes. Howspace differs from other online collaboration tools and social networks because facilitators can guide the conversation and empower individuals to use the platform to drive deep change. 

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd and reduce change resistance

When you involve all stakeholders in the early stages of change, you will face less change resistance. Howspace enables you to create a dialogue between a limitless amount of participants and give every participant a voice—regardless of time and location. You can then tap into the wisdom of the entire company to uncover all potential solutions. When people are truly invested in the change, it is 30% more likely to stick.  

Be transparent throughout the whole process to build trust

63% of people do not trust business leaders, according to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer report. To build trust and implement a change program successfully, communication and transparency are vital but they are some of the toughest issues organizations face. Using Howspace as the main hub for collaboration in OCM programs increases transparency and ensures employees understand that decisions are made together, based on their input. 

Here’s what you can do with Howspace

Create a noiseless space

Create a dedicated workspace for your OCM program with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. By creating a noiseless and contextual workspace where users can focus on development, participation becomes easy and engaging. You can also create different pages to categorize topics or separate user groups.

Guide participants throughout the OCM program

Howspace’s chat widget has dynamic facilitator features to help guide the participants:

  • Crowdsource questions and let everyone’s voice be heard
  • Comment as individuals or teams
  • Hide names to comments, which lets people voice concerns anonymously
  • Guide participants to new discussions to take part in

Make sense of large-scale dialogue in real-time

Sensemaking helps to uncover whether your change program is (or isn’t) making the envisioned impact. Organizational change programs involve a tremendous amount of qualitative data that can be overwhelming to make sense of and impossible to sift through. Howspace's built-in AI-powered clustering features can mine and analyze large-scale dialogue in real-time.

Encourage peer-to-peer learning and collaboration 

Howspace empowers you to facilitate dialogue and take a collaborative approach to your OCM program. The social media like environment makes it easy and engaging for participants to work and reflect together. You can use the platform to automate reminders, answer the most commonly asked questions, and send out assignments.

Gather feedback and measure engagement  

Measure engagement within your OCM program and iterate based on feedback. Our customers typically see unprecedented participation rates of 80-95%, based on the strong involvement features and one-click access. Howspace enables you to create different kinds of feedback loops and measure engagement. With Howspace you can create:

  • Real-time polls
  • Surveys
  • Checkpoint questions
  • Pulse: Create scalable questions with multiple answering rounds to measure progress over time.

Here's what our customers are saying


Antti Pitkänen, Research and Strategy Director at Agile Work

“Howspace is for companies that have a need for real change and understand that real change affects a wide range of people within the organization. Change is not a one-off event, it requires continuous development. Howspace makes organizational change inclusive, transparent, easy, and accessible to everyone from everywhere.“


Rich Batchelor, Chief Change Agent & President at Capillary Consulting

“I'm thrilled to have Howspace as an integral part of the success of both the Toronto Change Days conference and the learning and consulting engagements of Capillary Consulting & Learning. Whether it is the use of AI to demonstrate thoughts and insights, engaging clients through meaningful feedback sessions or running an intuitive online examination for course qualifications, its functionality supports true virtual facilitation."


Jean-Francois Hivon, General Manager and VP of Sales at Juice

“Howspace is our only provider from a purely technology perspective that has invested that much time helping us leverage the platform and helping us learn new ways of working. It’s just been phenomenal—the level of partnership that Howspace is committing to is amazing."


Lisandro Morón, Senior Manager at Implement Consulting Group

“Howspace creates an environment that feels safe, as the platform can be adjusted to the customer’s brand. This inspires people to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate change mutually.”

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