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Blended learning environment for businesses

Encourage professional development in and out of the classroom with a modern blended learning environment that supports social and on-the-job learning.


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The benefits of Howspace for blended learning

Build an active learning community

Howspace is no more difficult to use than any popular social networking site. This means that your learning program participants — regardless of their technological competence — can start using the shared learning space without any training or guidance.

Improve the outcome of your learning programs

Especially when facilitating longer lasting learning programs, the participants’ interest in the course may drop after the first few weeks. Unsurprisingly, that can have a negative impact on your learning outcomes. Howspace helps you keep the participants active, which will in turn improve the results of your learning program.

Support on-the-job learning

Because 70% of learning happens in the flow of work, it’s crucial that you support those micro-learning moments the best way you can. By inviting the participants to reflect on their learnings on Howspace, they’ll adopt new skills faster and become more intentional about their progress.

Here’s what you can do with Howspace

Step 1: Host all the materials and discussions in one place

Use one centralized platform for all learning related communications, content sharing, as well as virtual and in-person collaboration. The noiseless platform helps you keep the learning program participants informed about the discussions, assignments, and materials that require their attention without cluttering their inboxes with a ton of irrelevant updates.

Step 2: Co-create the learning program with the participants

Instead of kicking off a new learning program with a rigid plan, you’ll want to allow room for adjustment. In fact, you might want to use Howspace to co-design the learning program together with the participants. And while most of this work may happen in the beginning of the course, you’ll always have the freedom and flexibility to make changes to the program on the go.

Step 3: Use Howspace before, during, and after in-person training

Howspace takes the pressure off of live meetings and helps you distribute the work more evenly throughout the learning program. By using Howspace for pre-session introductions and orientation, you’ll also save some valuable time during training days. You can also use Howspace as a living document during training sessions or as a shared collaboration platform after each session.

Step 4: Support different learning styles & schedules

Some people learn best by listening, while others prefer reading. Similarly, some people get a lot out of in-person training sessions, while others learn better on their own. Howspace allows you to support all these different learning preferences. Additionally, it gives the participants the freedom to decide when they want to contribute to the learning community: on their lunch break, during commutes, or first thing in the morning.

Here’s what our customers have to say

We use Howspace to create learning that is closely linked to everyday life, and to enable managers to share their experiences. Howspace also serves as our hub for all communication related to the learning program.

Lisandro Morón,
Senior Manager, Implement

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“Leadership development always requires a strong human touch. With Howspace, we are looking to add a blended learning element into our highly regarded programs, also enabling social learning. We want to increase the impact of our leadership Quests by increasing involvement before, during and after learning, to sustain learning.”

Annie Perrin,
Partner, Leaders’ Quest

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