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Basware accelerated co-creation with hundreds of customers using Howspace

Basware in brief:
Type of organization: Large Enterprise
Use cases:
Organizational development, Learning


Software company Basware had been seeking a comprehensive solution for user experience design—something that would enable effective co-creation in the early stages of the design process.


Howspace enabled Basware to take the user experience design process online and reach larger groups of end users.


  • Supported co-creation with different stakeholders: Basware used Howspace to create a link between their customers, end users, and design team.
  • Collected instant feedback: With Howspace’s social-media like features, Basware could ask questions and request feedback throughout the process and immediately get the information needed instead of spending several months collecting and analyzing feedback.
  • Smoother communication: Previously, Basware communicated with participants via email, which got complicated and clunky. With Howspace, they can now deliver the materials and assign tasks to all participants at the same time, and get their opinions and feedback as comments.

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