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Powered by artificial intelligence, facilitated by you


Howspace is an AI-powered digital facilitation platform that allows you to objectively analyze and quickly make sense of the dialogue that’s an integral part of your organizational learning and development programs.

Here’s what Howspace AI can do for you 👇

The benefits of Howspace AI

Engage as many people as you need

Organizational learning and change processes have traditionally been constrained by the facilitators’ limited ability to co-create with a large group of people. Howspace takes away that limitation by allowing you to involve as many people as you want, regardless of their physical location. What’s more, the platform’s AI capabilities will help you quickly make sense of large quantities of dialogue between the participants.

Objectively analyze data

Until now, facilitators have had to rely on their own judgement to make sense of the participants’ opinions and experiences. But with Howspace AI, you no longer have to worry about your own bias clouding the analysis. The platform will make sure that every participant’s voice gets heard.

Dive deeper in real time

It’s not uncommon for facilitators to have to spend days analyzing the large quantities of qualitative inputs that are born as a result of workshops. With Howspace AI, you can literally do the same thing in the click of a button — even in real time. Our customers estimate that on average, they save a full working day every time they use Howspace AI.

What can I do with Howspace AI?

Word Cloud

So you’ve asked a question on Howspace, and all of a sudden you’re facing the unglamorous task of having to sort through hundreds of answers? Worry not. By opening the AI-based word cloud, you’ll quickly see which words, concepts and themes have dominated the conversation. After that, you can simply zoom in on these most important topics, one by one.




Another convenient way to zoom in on important topics is the AI clustering feature. It quickly divides the dialogue into meaningful categories not only based on actual words but also larger themes it detects through natural language processing. These clusters, in turn, are a great starting point for deeper analysis.


It’s not uncommon for facilitators to end up with dozens, if not hundreds of pages of qualitative data. Howspace AI can quickly summarize those pages into a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on your needs. For example, you can use the summary feature to come up with a final wording of your company mission or vision.


Here's what our customers have to say

“Until now, it feels like we’ve been forced to quantify open dialogue, because it has been the only way to make sense of large masses of unstructured data. But with Howspace AI, we can get exact, objective, and concise information out of huge quantities of qualitative data.”
- Olli-Pekka Juoperi, Organizational Consultant at Humap Consultation

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