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Level up your skills to support effective collaboration!

Join our Howspace Academy courses to learn how to inspire participants and create a long-lasting impact with digital facilitation!

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Academies help our customers, partners, and other digital facilitation enthusiastics to create collaboration processes at scale.

We are offering learning programs for organizational development and learning professionals, leaders, and facilitators who are eager to learn more about the hybrid ways of working. We promise our participants to become experts in supporting guided collaboration.


The Academy path is created for all the people interested in digital facilitation tools and methods, and who want to join the social learning path with other experts. Our shared Group Onboardings, Essentials Academy as well as the Advanced Academy take the participant to dive deeper into collaborative learning, renewing the ways of working and driving impact with Howspace.

All of the courses combine synchronous and asynchronous work and gather people from different fields and different parts of the world together.

3-week free intensive course for aspiring digital facilitators


Introduction to Digital Facilitation

In this virtual training program, which is completed asynchronously, the main goal is to develop your skills and understanding of digital facilitation.

Join the facilitated social learning space together with people from around the world and get inspired by the examples, stories, and experiences of our facilitators and other participants.

  • free of charge
  • 3-week virtual training
  • asynchronous participation
  • everyone who wants to become an expert in digital facilitation (no Howspace account needed)

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Grow as a Howspace admin, digital facilitator, and transformation professional

Howspace Academy is the go-to learning program for Howspace customers and partners.

Step 1: Group onboarding

What: This session (1,5 h) is for new Howspace admins and focuses on the basics of Howspace.

Why: To get started with creating the first workflow with Howspace, and understand the possibilities of the new way of working.

Step 2: Essentials Academy

What: Howspace Essentials academy (3 x 1,5 h) is geared toward those who have been an admin or a facilitator in Howspace, have run a process, and want to dive deeper into the features and how to implement their ideas in a Howspacian way.

Why: Discover the ways to use Howspace widgets and functionalities to implement a facilitation method in Howspace & create processes and workflows for your needs. Experience synchronous and asynchronous collaboration and learn the basics of digital facilitation and guided collaboration together with the multiprofessional group.

Please note: To join the Essentials there should be an understanding of the basic functionalities of Howspace.

Step 3: Advanced Academy

What: Howspace Advanced academy (3 x 1,5 h) is the perfect choice when there is an interest in creating meaningful dialogue and guided collaboration in a hybrid work setting. The Advanced Academy brings Howspace users together to share their best experiences and learn from each other.

Why: Experience the ways of enabling guided collaboration in your own organizational development processes, learning programs, or one-off events. Learn how to turn methods and ways of working into digital and facilitate processes that make people inspired and engaged. 

Please note: To join the Advanced, participants should have experience in using Howspace in different processes and be aware of the functionalities of the product.

Joining the academy

If you are already a customer or partner of Howspace, you can find the exact dates and sign up for the upcoming academies in our Howspace Community.

If you are an admin of a Howspace workspace, you can access Howspace Community by clicking your profile picture and select "Howspace Community".


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