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Move change forward with Howspace

Howspace helps you facilitate powerful organizational change, learning programs, and workshops.

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What can I do with Howspace?

1. Build a home for your process

Bring everyone and everything together.

Imagine a noiseless environment where people can collaborate, post their ideas, and interact with one another. A place where documentation happens during collaboration and not as a separate project afterwards. That place is called Howspace.

2. Encourage everyone to contribute

Getting people involved is the key to successful change.

In Howspace participants become active change agents who are never more than one click away from contributing to the common goal. Borrowing from popular social networking sites, the platform makes participating not only easy but also fun. 

3. Make it yours

Every change, learning program, and workshop is different.

Howspace adapts to your way of working. You can build the workspaces to match your tried and tested processes or create something completely new. Edit the look of your workspace, manage the participants' access level, move content around, and add new pages as you go along.

4. Facilitate and support

Change can’t really be managed — but it should be facilitated.

Encourage commitment and engagement by staying in touch with the participants throughout the process. Howspace's behavior-based notifications free up your time so that you can concentrate on facilitating discussions and answering questions.

5. Drive unparalleled impact

Engagement drives impact.

It’s no coincidence that our customers have seen 5X improvements in their engagement rates with Howspace. With co-creation at its core, the platform allows you to involve as many people as you want, from anywhere in the world, at any time. All this, resulting in bigger, more lasting impact.


In case you were wondering, our security
standards are impeccable.

Within Howspace your
company and client information
is safe and sound.



“Howspace creates an environment that feels safe, as the platform can be adjusted to the customer’s brand. This inspires people to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate change mutually.”

Lisandro Morón,
Senior Manager, Implement

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Trusted by thousands of world-class facilitators


Every day, Howspace is used by thousands of consultants, facilitators, and organizational development professionals. As a digital facilitation platform Howspace helps you to move your change initiatives forward.

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